This book, itoo.fyi, is a True Story and will merge with the grassroots movement, We The People Are The New Feds. It involves high profile individuals that will be exposed to the public with documented evidence detailing a high level of conspiracy fraud being carried out by the financial institutions of America. The institutions have partnered with lawyers and judges using our Judicial System to clean up dirty loans, across the Nation through acquisition/merger’s after acquisition/merger’s of millions upon millions of loans performing illegal foreclosures to purge the dirty loans and fraudulent conspiracy.

My story will detail 20 year + timeline that I survived with court documented evidence to tell the American People the TRUTH and this is still going on today but the News media will not even whisper this news. It is all being hushed and covered. It must be kept in the strictest of confidence and not leaked before it is to go public. This battle has taken my whole life from me and has been a hard-fought journey, 20 + years, and I cannot afford to have any of these corrupt parties try to block the publication because we just do not have an honest system yet but my letter of appeal to the American People is going to shift this Nation from the hands of darkness and deliver it back to the Kingdom of Light. Amen. I Thank you both for making a covenant of Confidentiality with Me in these most important matters. I can’t say this any other way than this…..Time Is Of The Essence. I am recovering from a light stroke, from
the head injury, in a major car accident that put 8 staples in my head, broke my back, broke my right arm, wrist, hand, fingers and crushed knuckles. I did not die in that car accident and I will finish this battle before I die here in the land of the living. Having said that I hope you understand that I am over a year behind schedule for the timeline I had planned for but what I have learned in my journey through life is that God is always right on time. With warmest regards, I am thankful to you and God thanks you.